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1 Analysis of the Final Ranking Decisions Made by Experts After a Consensus has Been Reached in Group Decision Making Triantaphyllou, Evangelos

29 2 p. 271-291
2 Bidirectional Relationship Progression in Buyer–Seller Negotiations: Evidence from South Korea Cheng, Junjun

29 2 p. 293-320
3 Consistency Improvement-Driven Decision-Making Methods with Probabilistic Multiplicative Preference Relations Jin, Feifei

29 2 p. 371-397
4 Controversy Without Conflict: How Group Emotional Awareness and Regulation can Prevent Conflict Escalation BoroÈ™, Smaranda

29 2 p. 251-269
5 From Letter to Twitter: A Systematic Review of Communication Media in Negotiation Geiger, Ingmar

29 2 p. 207-250
6 Portfolio Decision Analysis for Evaluating Stakeholder Conflicts in Land Use Planning Fasth, Tobias

29 2 p. 321-343
7 Toward a New Real-Time Approach for Group Consensus: A Usability Analysis of Synchronous Delphi System Lu, Hsin-Ke

29 2 p. 345-370
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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