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1 Alpha-Final Offer Arbitration: The Best Way to Avoid Negotiation Failure Nedelescu, Daniel M.

28 6 p. 1109-1128
2 A Rule for Committee Selection with Soft Diversity Constraints Aziz, Haris

28 6 p. 1193-1200
3 Assignment Games with a Central Player El Obadi, Saadia

28 6 p. 1129-1148
4 Direct Iterative Procedures for Consensus Building with Additive Preference Relations Based on the Discrete Assessment Scale Wu, Zhibin

28 6 p. 1167-1191
5 Does Paying Back Pay Off? Effects of Reciprocity and Economic Outcomes on Trust Emergence in Negotiations Sondern, Dominik

28 6 p. 1053-1076
6 DSmT-Based Group DEMATEL Method with Reaching Consensus Du, Yuan-Wei

28 6 p. 1201-1230
7 In Memoriam
28 6 p. 1051-1052
8 Lie on the Fly: Strategic Voting in an Iterative Preference Elicitation Process Dery, Lihi

28 6 p. 1077-1107
9 Probabilistic Option Prioritizing in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution RĂªgo, Leandro Chaves

28 6 p. 1149-1165
                             9 results found
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