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no title author magazine year volume issue page(s) type
1 A group decision making with probability linguistic preference relations based on nonlinear optimization model and fuzzy cooperative games Liang, Pei

19 4 p. 499-528
2 Editor’s message Liao, Huchang

19 4 p. 389-390
3 Factor relation analysis for sustainable recycling partner evaluation using probabilistic linguistic DEMATEL Li, Peng

19 4 p. 471-497
4 Multi-criteria sorting decision making based on dominance and opposition relations with probabilistic linguistic information Peng, Hong-gang

19 4 p. 435-470
5 On consistency and priority weights for interval probabilistic linguistic preference relations Feng, Xiangqian

19 4 p. 529-560
6 Probabilistic linguistic multi-criteria decision-making based on double information under imperfect conditions Yue, Na

19 4 p. 391-433
7 Web celebrity shop assessment and improvement based on online review with probabilistic linguistic term sets by using sentiment analysis and fuzzy cognitive map Liang, Decui

19 4 p. 561-586
                             7 results found
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