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1 Can the Threat of Economic Sanctions Ensure the Sustainability of International Fisheries? An Experiment of a Dynamic Non-cooperative CPR Game with Uncertain Tipping Point Jules, Selles

76 1 p. 153-176
2 Climate Change and Recreation: Evidence from North American Cycling Chan, Nathan W.

76 1 p. 119-151
3 Commitment Versus Discretion in Climate and Energy Policy Habermacher, Florian

76 1 p. 39-67
4 EAERE Award for the Best Paper Published in Environmental and Resource Economics During 2019 Koundouri, Phoebe

76 1 p. 17-19
5 Editorial: EAERE, ERE and the Research Challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic Bateman, Ian J.

76 1 p. 1-5
6 Estimating Power Sector Leakage Risks and Provincial Impacts of Canadian Carbon Pricing Bistline, John E. T.

76 1 p. 91-118
7 No Man is an Island: Social Coordination and the Environment Nyborg, Karine

76 1 p. 177-193
8 The EAERE Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary de Zeeuw, Aart

76 1 p. 7-16
9 The Environmental Impacts of the Coronavirus Helm, Dieter

76 1 p. 21-38
10 Worshipping the Tiger: Modeling Non-use Existence Values of Wildlife Spiritual Services Lopes, Adrian A.

76 1 p. 69-90
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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