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1 Diffraction of the Fundamental Waveguide Wave on an Inductive Cylinder in a Rectangular Waveguide Il’inskiy, A. S.

32 2 p. 120-128
2 Generalized Target-Allocation Functions and their Evaluation by the Branch-And-Bound Method Perevozchikov, A. G.

32 2 p. 183-197
3 Guaranteed Deterministic Approach to Superhedging: Structural Stability and Approximation Smirnov, S. N.

32 2 p. 129-146
4 Mathematical Modeling of the Propagation of Covid-19 Pandemic Waves in the World Kurkina, E. S.

32 2 p. 147-170
5 Numerical Simulation of Influence of Surface Features on the Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication of Sliding Line Contact Using Krylov Subspace Method Bujurke, N. M.

32 2 p. 198-220
6 Positional Flight Control of a Hybrid Propulsion Spacecraft Gor’kov, V. P.

32 2 p. 171-182
7 Regularization Methods in the Analysis of a Series of Scintillation Fluorescence Microscopy Images Pchelintsev, I. A.

32 2 p. 111-119
8 Solitons and Other Solutions for the Nonlinear Convection–Diffusion–Reaction Equation with Power-Law Nonlinearity by the Extended Simplest Equation Method Zayed, Elsayed M. E.

32 2 p. 235-252
9 Testing Read-Once Functions in a Median-Augmented Element Basis Kaftan, D. V.

32 2 p. 253-257
10 The Effect of Diffusion on Propagation and Reflection of Waves in a Thermo-Microstretch Solid Half-Space Singh, B.

32 2 p. 221-234
                             10 results found
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