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1 Application of the Barycentric Method to Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction on Arbitrarily Shaped Screens Il’inskiy, A. S.

32 1 p. 7-21
2 Guaranteed Deterministic Approach to Superhedging: A Numerical Experiment Andreev, N. A.

32 1 p. 22-44
3 Mathematical Modeling and Control of the Cell Dynamics in Leprosy Ghosh, S.

32 1 p. 52-74
4 Negative-Triangularity Magnetic Configurations in T-15MD Tokamak Gorbun, M. S.

32 1 p. 1-6
5 Quality of Control in the Tavis–Cummings–Hubbard Model Düll, R.

32 1 p. 75-85
6 Scattering Morphology Resolved Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (SMR-TIRM) Of Colloidal Spheres Yan, J.

32 1 p. 86-93
7 Solution of 2D State Space Continuous-Time Conformable Fractional Linear System Using Laplace and Sumudu Transform Benyettou, K.

32 1 p. 94-109
8 The Magnetic Correlation Tensor in the Dynamo Theory Mikhailov, E. A.

32 1 p. 45-51
                             8 results found
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