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1 Direct detection redox mechanisms of polyimide electrode by EPR spectroscopy Su, Ji-Hu

3 4 p. 344-345
2 1H and 13C NMR spectral assignments for low-concentration bile acids in biological samples Lin, Hong

3 4 p. 277-285
3 Non-invasive assessment for intratumoural distribution of interstitial fluid flow Zhao, Jun

3 4 p. 286-297
4 Overview and progress of X-nuclei magnetic resonance imaging in biomedical studies Wang, Gengxin

3 4 p. 327-343
5 Probing microstructure of solid-state synthesized LiCoO2 with MAS NMR spectroscopy Gu, Suyu

3 4 p. 298-305
6 The parallel-plate resonator: An RF probe for MR and MRI studies over a wide frequency range Aguilera, Andrés Ramírez

3 4 p. 306-318
7 Using NMR-detected hydrogen-deuterium exchange to quantify protein stability in cosolutes, under crowded conditions in vitro and in cells Chu, I-Te

3 4 p. 319-326
                             7 results found
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