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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A potential NMR-based wettability index using free induction decay for rocks Liang, Can

3 3 p. 266-275
2 Dipolar NMR relaxation of adsorbates on surfaces of controlled wettability Stapf, Siegfried

3 3 p. 220-231
3 Functional group resolved NMR relaxation of 3-carbon adsorbates in mesoporous alumina Robinson, Neil

3 3 p. 248-255
4 On the sampling strategies and models for measuring diffusion exchange with a double diffusion encoding sequence Ordinola, Alfredo

3 3 p. 232-247
5 Radicals on the silica surface: probes for studying dynamics by means of fast field cycling relaxometry and dynamic nuclear polarization Gizatullin, Bulat

3 3 p. 256-265
6 The NMR core analyzing tomograph: a multi-functional tool for non-destructive testing of building materials Kruschwitz, Sabine

3 3 p. 207-219
                             6 gevonden resultaten
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