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1 Active shim coils design for Halbach magnet based on inverse boundary element method Xu, Yajie

2 3 p. 159-169
2 A green route for the preparation of layered double hydroxides from basic magnesium carbonate Jin, Li

2 3 p. 177-185
3 Conformational dynamics in GPCR signaling by NMR Hu, Yunfei

2 3 p. 139-146
4 Exploring the intercalation chemistry of layered yttrium hydroxides by 13C solid-state NMR spectroscopy Liu, Yanxin

2 3 p. 186-194
5 Introduction
2 3 p. vi
6 Monitoring Cr(VI) photoreduction at different depths by operando low-field NMR relaxometry Xu, Beibei

2 3 p. 170-176
7 On the use of cross polarization in solid-state NMR: 1H spin-lock versus adiabatic demagnetization in the rotating frame Li, Yuchen

2 3 p. 147-158
8 Preface
2 3 p. iii-v
9 Specific protein-urea interactions Wong, Zhi Wei

2 3 p. 131-138
                             9 results found
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