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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Air pollution and the domestic value-added for Chinese exporters Du, Yan

20 1 p. 19-28
2 China’s factor reallocation effect considering energy Xu, Guangqing

20 1 p. 40-48
3 Do people really support conservation? Evidence from China and the United States Wang, Mengqiao

20 1 p. 12-18
4 Evolution paths of green economy modes and their trend of hypercycle economy Zhang, Zhiguang

20 1 p. 1-11
5 Factor analysis and countermeasure simulation on the socio-ecological environment risks during the development of coalbed methane: based on the DEMATEL and FCM models Xue, Ye

20 1 p. 69-79
6 Impact of the green credit policy on external financing, economic growth and energy consumption of the manufacturing industry Wu, Sheng

20 1 p. 59-68
7 ‘Isomorphic’ behavior of corporate greenwashing Huang, Rongbing

20 1 p. 29-39
8 Systematic measurement and spatiotemporal evolution of agricultural versatility in China Wang, Yafei

20 1 p. 80-90
9 The decoupling relationship between China’s economic growth and carbon emissions from the perspective of industrial structure Du, Yuwei

20 1 p. 49-58
10 Three decades of topic evolution, hot spot mining and prospect in CCUS Studies based on CitNetExplorer Zhang, Huajing

20 1 p. 91-104
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