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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A new model for China’s CO2 emission pathway using the top-down and bottom-up approaches Cai, Bofeng

19 4 p. 291-294
2 Climate change and China's coastal zones and seas: Impacts, risks, and adaptation Cai, Rongshuo

19 4 p. 304-310
3 Comprehensive zoning of biomass energy heating in EU countries reference for China from European experience Song, Chenchen

19 4 p. 321-329
4 Dynamic change of agricultural energy efficiency and its influencing factors in China Li, Haipeng

19 4 p. 311-320
5 Effects of urbanization on the relationship between greenspace patterns and evolution of regional heat island in cities of Ethiopia Degefu, Mekonnen Amberber

19 4 p. 330-343
6 Emission trading innovation mechanism based on blockchain Zhao, Nan

19 4 p. 369-376
7 Evolving pattern and improvement path of China’s solid waste management policies Tan, Zhixiong

19 4 p. 358-368
8 Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on environmental quality in countries along the routes Cao, Xiang

19 4 p. 344-351
9 Looking for a Chinese solution to global problems: The situation and countermeasures of marine plastic waste and microplastics pollution governance system in China Yang, Yue

19 4 p. 352-357
10 Spatial network structure of transportation carbon emission efficiency in China and its influencing factors Shao, Haiqin

19 4 p. 295-303
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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