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1 Evaluation and welfare effect of coordinated ecological development of the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei region Zhao, Linlin

19 3 p. 283-290
2 Evolution of energy and metal demand driven by industrial revolutions and its trend analysis Yang, Jianfeng

19 3 p. 256-264
3 Impact of China’s outward foreign direct investment on environmental pollution in the home country Yang, Guo

19 3 p. 221-229
4 Impact of environmental regulations on the efficient control of industrial pollution in China Yang, Mian

19 3 p. 230-236
5 Influence of foreign direct investment from China on achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in African countries Fang, Ye

19 3 p. 213-220
6 On the ‘ENGO + focal firm’ governance strategies of pollution of small and medium suppliers Jiang, Yumei

19 3 p. 237-245
7 Regional differences and threshold characters of the impact of energy use efficiency on energy scarcity in China Li, Min

19 3 p. 265-273
8 Spatial emission reduction effects of China’s carbon emissions trading: quasi-natural experiments and policy spillovers Li, Zhiguo

19 3 p. 246-255
9 Urban food-energy-water nexus: a case study in Beijing Li, Xinqing

19 3 p. 274-282
                             9 results found
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