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1 B cell-derived cfDNA after primary BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination anticipates memory B cells and SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies Fox-Fisher, Ilana

3 7 p. 468-480.e5
2 Chemosensory losses in past and active likely delta variant break-through COVID-19 cases Man, Kym

3 7 p. 450-451
3 Cross-tissue, single-cell stromal atlas identifies shared pathological fibroblast phenotypes in four chronic inflammatory diseases Korsunsky, Ilya

3 7 p. 481-518.e14
4 Following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, serum ceramides demarcate patients that will fail to achieve normoglycemia and diabetes remission Poss, Annelise M.

3 7 p. 452-467.e4
5 Multi-day perfusion of transplant organs: The how and the why Sagar, Alexander

3 7 p. 442-444
6 Neglecting emerging diseases – monkeypox is the latest price of a costly default Titanji, Boghuma K.

3 7 p. 433-434
7 Patient-centered trials in oncology: Time for a change Araujo, Daniel V.

3 7 p. 445-449
8 Queer visibility in medicine
3 7 p. 435-439
9 Serum ceramides could predict durable diabetes remission following gastric bypass surgery Hajduch, Eric

3 7 p. 440-441
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