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1 Development of a polymer-based antimicrobial coating for efficacious urinary catheter protection Low, Jia Le

2 C p. 1-10
2 Driving innovation in biotechnology with Private-Public Partnerships: A Singapore perspective Lee, Hui Ling

2 C p. 59-62
3 Engineered probiotics modulate the endocannabinoid system Hwang, In Young

2 C p. 33-38
4 Exploration on the expression and assembly of virus-like particles Yang, Junzhu

2 C p. 51-58
5 Mapping QTLs for important agronomic traits in an Iniadi-derived immortal population of pearl millet Kumar, Sushil

2 C p. 26-32
6 Strategy exploration for developing robust lyophilized cell-free systems Yang, Junzhu

2 C p. 44-50
7 Substrate promiscuity of the NdmCDE N 7-demethylase enzyme complex Mock, Meredith B.

2 C p. 18-25
8 The need for integrated systems biology approaches for biotechnological applications Selvarajoo, Kumar

2 C p. 39-43
9 The transport of triterpenoids Fang, Yubo

2 C p. 11-17
                             9 results found
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