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1 A comprehensive review of bioactive compounds and processing technology of sesame seed Ma, Xuan

7 2 p. 88-94
2 Antioxidant metabolic system and comparative proteomics analysis in winter turnip rape (Brassica rapa L.) under cold stress Zeng, Xiucun

7 2 p. 95-102
3 Killing two birds with one stone: ARC-BBBE can simultaneously green control aflatoxin and promote peanut super-nodulation Zhou, Yang

7 2 p. 86-87
4 α-Linolenic acid alleviates aluminium chloride-induced toxicity in PC12 ​cells by activation of PKA-CREB-BDNF signaling pathway Liu, Huihui

7 2 p. 63-70
5 QTL mapping by whole genome re-sequencing and analysis of candidate genes for salt tolerance in linseed (Linum usitatissmum L.) Zhao, Wei

7 2 p. 80-85
6 Triple test cross analysis for seed yield and its components in sesame under water stress conditions Abdelsatar, Mohamed Ali

7 2 p. 71-79
                             6 results found
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