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1 Agronomic cultivation measures on productivity of oilseed flax: A review Cui, Zhengjun

7 1 p. 53-62
2 Characterization and functional divergence of genes encoding sucrose transporters in oilseeds castor bean Jin, Pei

7 1 p. 31-39
3 Cloning and functional analysis of the promoter of allergen gene Ara h 1 from peanut Yuan, Cuiling

7 1 p. 14-21
4 Hypocotyl elongation based on HY5 transcription factor in cold resistant winter rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) Jin, Jiaojiao

7 1 p. 40-52
5 Integration of morpho-physico-biochemical traits with SSR and SRAP markers for characterization of castor genotypes of Indian origin R, Akhila S.

7 1 p. 22-30
6 Safe conservation and utilization of peanut germplasm resources in the Oil Crops Middle-term Genebank of China Zhou, Xiaojing

7 1 p. 9-13
7 Secoisolariciresinol diglycoside (SDG) lignan content of oil flax: Genotypic and environmental variations and association with other traits Zhang, Jianping

7 1 p. 1-8
                             7 results found
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