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1 A review on biosynthesis and genetic regulation of aflatoxin production by major Aspergillus fungi Liao, Junhua

5 4 p. 166-173
2 Effects of uniconazole rate on agronomic traits and physiological indexes of rapeseed blanket seedling Zuo, Qingsong

5 4 p. 198-204
3 Lipid analysis of three special nervonic acid resources in China Tu, Xinghao

5 4 p. 180-186
4 Moderate quantity of lard mixed with sunflower oil attenuate lipid accumulation in mice Yan, Sisi

5 4 p. 205-212
5 Phenotypic identification of peanut germplasm for resistance to southern stem rot Fan, Pengmin

5 4 p. 174-179
6 Rapid authentication of sesame oil using ion mobility spectrometry and chemometrics Jiang, Jun

5 4 p. 161-165
7 Research progress on the origin traceability of edible oils Zhou, Qian

5 4 p. 194-197
8 Varied previous crops on improving oilseed flax productivity in semiarid Loess Plateau in China Zhao, Bangqing

5 4 p. 187-193
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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