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1 Absorptive capacities approaches for investigating national innovation systems in low and middle income countries Khan, Muhammad Salar

6 3 p. 183-195
2 Dynamics of innovation in the use of water resources in emerging markets Kydyrbekova, Aliya

6 3 p. 142-155
3 Gamification in innovation teams Patricio, Rui

6 3 p. 156-168
4 Impact of scientific and technological innovation policies on innovation efficiency of high-technology industrial parks – A dual analysis with linear regression and QCA Wang, Jinglei

6 3 p. 169-182
5 Influence of self-perceived creativity and social media use in predicting E-entrepreneurial intention Abdelfattah, Fadi

6 3 p. 119-127
6 Mapping the technology footprint in design for social innovation Li, Chuan

6 3 p. 216-227
7 Technological trajectory based on micro level technological capability: Evidence from the Brazilian rice industry Fitz-Oliveira, Mônica

6 3 p. 196-215
8 Technology trajectory in aviation: Innovations leading to value creation (2000–2019) Pereira, Bruno Alencar

6 3 p. 128-141
                             8 results found
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