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1 Another look at social innovation: From community - For community Daniel, Lisa J.

6 2 p. 92-101
2 Deciphering the black box of HPWS–innovation link: Modeling the mediatory role of internal social capital Kakakhel, Fathullah Jan

6 2 p. 78-91
3 Shaping the handicraft cluster through innovation capability Raghuvanshi, Juhi

6 2 p. 102-117
4 Testing the short-termism hypothesis: Institutional investors, family control, and capital spending in Malaysia Sulub, Saed A.

6 2 p. 67-77
5 The social as the heart of social innovation and social entrepreneurship: An emerging area or an old crossroads? Grilo, Ricardo

6 2 p. 53-66
                             5 results found
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