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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Continuous fed-batch alternating aerobic and anoxic system for biodegradation of Decontaminating Solution 2 with high nitrogen content Kim, Michael H.

1 1 p. 47-55
2 Cooling water use in thermoelectric power generation and its associated challenges for addressing water-energy nexus Pan, Shu-Yuan

1 1 p. 26-41
3 Editorial Kim, Hyunook

1 1 p. 1
4 Effects of water content on ball milling pretreatment and the enzymatic digestibility of corn stover Gu, Yang Mo

1 1 p. 61-65
5 Energy management in the water sector – Comparative case study of Germany and the United States Voltz, Thomas

1 1 p. 2-16
6 Modeling temperature effects in anaerobic digestion of domestic wastewater Lohani, Sunil Prasad

1 1 p. 56-60
7 Moving from theory to practice in the water–energy–food nexus: An evaluation of existing models and frameworks Shannak, Sa'd

1 1 p. 17-25
8 Practical application of ferrate(VI) for water and wastewater treatment – Site study’s approach Jiang, Jia-Qian

1 1 p. 42-46
9 Strategic optimization of water reuse in wafer fabs via multi-constraint linear programming technique Lu, Bo-Shuan

1 1 p. 86-96
10 The water energy nexus in Australia – The outcome of two crises Radcliffe, John C

1 1 p. 66-85
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