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1 A CFD modeling of oil-water flow in pipeline: Interaction analysis and identification of boundary separation Meriem-Benziane, Madjid

6 2 p. 172-177
2 A review on the rheology of heavy crude oil for pipeline transportation Souas, Farid

6 2 p. 116-136
3 Characteristics and formation of sinian (Ediacaran) carbonate karstic reservoirs in Dengying Formation in Sichuan Basin, China Hou, Lianhua

6 2 p. 144-157
4 3D modeling of abnormal pore pressure in shallow offshore Niger delta: An application of seismic inversion Abbey, Chukwuemeka Patrick

6 2 p. 158-171
5 Evaluation of opening of fractures in the Logovskoye carbonate reservoir, Perm Krai, Russia Martyushev, Dmitriy A.

6 2 p. 137-143
6 Experimental and modeling study on the effect of molecular diffusion during CO2 injection Esfahani, Vahid Moayedi

6 2 p. 178-186
7 Numerical study on the effect of reservoir heterogeneity and gas supply on hydrate accumulation in subsea shallow formations Zhang, Liang

6 2 p. 91-115
                             7 results found
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