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1 Geochemical characterization of shales of the Eocene Disang Group, Kohima Syncline, India: Inferences to hydrocarbon potential and depositional environment Gogoi, Mousumi

6 1 p. 42-56
2 Hydrocarbon accumulation and key exploration & development technologies of Changning-Weiyuan marine shale gas field, southern Sichuan He, Xiao

6 1 p. 1-15
3 Investigating dynamic rock quality in two-phase flow systems using TEM-function: A comparative study of different rock typing indices Faramarzi-Palangar, Mohsen

6 1 p. 16-25
4 Investigation of quality factor frequency content in vertical seismic profile for gas reservoirs Larki, Ehsan

6 1 p. 57-65
5 Optimal field development and production design for unconventional reservoirs: A case study from Central Sub-Basin, Permian Basin, new Mexico Davis, Alexander

6 1 p. 66-76
6 Prediction of abnormal pressure from AVO velocities over “Safety” field, onshore Niger delta, Nigeria Abiola, O.

6 1 p. 26-41
7 Review analysis on cloud computing based smart grid technology in the oil pipeline sensor network system Priyanka, E.B.

6 1 p. 77-90
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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