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1 Clinical perspectives of isoniazid-induced liver injury Lei, Saifei

5 2 p. 45-52
2 Editorial Board
5 2 p. ii
3 Expert consensus on perioperative management of liver transplantation in adults with acute-on-chronic liver failure
5 2 p. 37-44
4 Hsa-miR-637 inhibits human hepatocyte proliferation by targeting Med1-interacting proteins Liu, Jing

5 2 p. 88-96
5 Liver-specific deletion of mechanistic target of rapamycin does not protect against acetaminophen-induced liver injury in mice Sun, Hua

5 2 p. 79-87
6 Mesenchymal stem cells therapy for acute liver failure: Recent advances and future perspectives Luan, Yuling

5 2 p. 53-61
7 Novel organoid model in drug screening: Past, present, and future Nie, Xialin

5 2 p. 72-78
8 Ulcerative colitis triggered by pegylated interferon alpha-2b in a patient with chronic hepatitis B: A case report and literature review Mo, Zhishuo

5 2 p. 97-101
9 Vitamins and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A molecular insight Raza, Sana

5 2 p. 62-71
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