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1 Delirium in patients of the Intensive Care Unit of a health institution in Monteria, Colombia Herrera Herrera, Jorge Luis

51 C p. 7-12
2 Effect of stroke on nutritional status and its relationship with dysphagia Ortega Barrio, M. Ángeles

51 C p. 13-21
3 Nursing Now! Zabalegui, Adelaida

51 C p. 1-2
4 Summary of the 26th Annual Conference and 2nd International Conference of the Spanish Society of Neurological Nursing Güell Baró, Rosa

51 C p. 3-6
5 Twelve item multiple sclerosis walking scale: analysis through nursing diagnoses del Rio, Marina González

51 C p. 23-26
6 Use of mechanical containment in patients with Alzheimer Pizarro, Sandra Martínez

51 C p. 37-38
7 Wernicke–Korsakoff-encephalopathy: A case study Ibáñez-Santana, Sara

51 C p. 27-36
                             7 results found
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