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1 AFExplorer: Visual analysis and interactive selection of audio features Wang, Lei

6 1 p. 47-55
2 A learning-based approach for efficient visualization construction Sun, Yongjian

6 1 p. 14-25
3 A restoration method using dual generate adversarial networks for Chinese ancient characters Su, Benpeng

6 1 p. 26-34
4 Computing for Chinese Cultural Heritage Li, Meng

6 1 p. 1-13
5 Metaverse: Perspectives from graphics, interactions and visualization Zhao, Yuheng

6 1 p. 56-67
6 Perspectives of visualization onboarding and guidance in VA Stoiber, Christina

6 1 p. 68-83
7 Reconfiguration of the brain during aesthetic experience on Chinese calligraphy—Using brain complex networks Li, Rui

6 1 p. 35-46
                             7 results found
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