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1 Bing–Neel syndrome presenting with bilateral lumbar radiculopathy: A case report of a rare clinical entity Brotis, Alexandros G.

33 5 p. 250-253
2 Isolated axillary nerve palsy after liposuction, an exceptional complication Martínez Núñez, Pablo

33 5 p. 258-260
3 Long-term survival of glioblastoma: A systematic analysis of literature about a case González Bonet, Luis Germán

33 5 p. 227-236
4 Myxofibrosarcoma: Another mimicker of meningioma Matias, Thiago Bezerra

33 5 p. 242-249
5 Need for head and neck repositioning to restore electrophysiological signal changes at positioning for cervical myelopathy surgery Delgado-López, Pedro David

33 5 p. 209-218
6 Persistent sciatic artery: A case report and literature review Sainz González, Felipe

33 5 p. 254-257
7 Preoperative 3D volume reconstruction of the posterior wall of the sphenoid sinus with Horos: A free, simple and reliable tool in endoscopic endonasal trans-sphenoidal surgery Paglia, Francesco

33 5 p. 219-226
8 Primary epidural lumbar Ewing sarcoma presenting as cauda equina syndrome in an adult patient who underwent surgical decompression: A case report Yang, Yao-Chung

33 5 p. 237-241
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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