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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Behavior of tunnels excavated with dip and against dip Vitali, Osvaldo P.M.

6 6 p. 709-717
2 Case study on the seismic response of a subway station combined with a flyover Wang, Qi

6 6 p. 665-677
3 DEM study on effect of particle roundness on biaxial shearing of sand Wu, Mengmeng

6 6 p. 678-694
4 Effect of blast inside tunnel on surrounding soil mass, tunnel lining, and superstructure for varying shapes of tunnels Goel, M.D.

6 6 p. 619-635
5 Evaluation of the effect of using fiber reinforcement in tunnel linings for metro projects Namli, Mücahit

6 6 p. 732-750
6 Large deformations in deep tunnels excavated in weak rocks: Study on Y-Basque high-speed railway tunnels in northern Spain Iasiello, Cosimo

6 6 p. 636-649
7 Seismic response of tunnel near fault fracture zone under incident SV waves Liu, Zhongxian

6 6 p. 695-708
8 Spatial distribution model of the filling and diffusion pressure of synchronous grouting in a quasi-rectangular shield and its experimental verification Liu, Jun

6 6 p. 650-664
9 TBM penetration rate prediction based on the long short-term memory neural network Gao, Boyang

6 6 p. 718-731
10 Vertical-well-assisted SAGD dilation process in heterogeneous super-heavy oil reservoirs: Numerical simulations Yang, Zhi

6 6 p. 603-618
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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