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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Acoustic waveform inversion in frequency domain: Application to a tunnel environment Riedel, Christopher

6 5 p. 560-576
2 A review of unloading-induced fault instability Wu, Wei

6 5 p. 528-538
3 Digitalization of mechanical and physical properties of Singapore Bukit Timah granite rocks based on borehole data from four sites Wengang, Zhang

6 5 p. 483-491
4 Empirical evidence for estimation of subsurface settlement caused by tunneling in sand Wang, Fei

6 5 p. 577-584
5 Estimation of the TBM advance rate under hard rock conditions using XGBoost and Bayesian optimization Zhou, Jian

6 5 p. 506-515
6 Intelligent classification model of surrounding rock of tunnel using drilling and blasting method Wang, Mingnian

6 5 p. 539-550
7 Interpretation of tangential and radial pressure cells in and on sprayed concrete tunnel linings Jones, BenoƮt D.

6 5 p. 516-527
8 Modified ground response curve (GRC) in strain-softening rock mass based on the generalized Zhang-Zhu strength criterion considering over-excavation Xu, Chen

6 5 p. 585-602
9 Smart technology applications for the optimal management of underground facilities Shahrour, Isam

6 5 p. 551-559
10 Strength test of 3D printed artificial rock mass with pre-existing fracture Wang, Youyu

6 5 p. 492-505
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