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1 Association between preoperative prostate-specific antigen levels and mortality in high- and intermediate-grade prostate cancer patients who received radical prostatectomy: Findings from the SEER database Ikuemonisan, Joshua

9 2 p. 72-77
2 Clinical experience with active surveillance protocol using regular magnetic resonance imaging instead of regular repeat biopsy for monitoring: A study at a high-volume center in Korea Ahn, Hyun Kyu

9 2 p. 90-95
3 Efficacy and safety of cabazitaxel therapy in elderly (≥75 years) patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer: A multiinstitutional study Matsumoto, Takashi

9 2 p. 96-100
4 Impact of inflammatory bowel disease on radical prostatectomy outcomes and costs of care Goldberg, Ilana P.

9 2 p. 66-71
5 Micro-Ultrasound: a way to bring imaging for prostate cancer back to urology Harland, Niklas

9 2 p. 61-65
6 Observation with or without late radiotherapy is equivalent to early radiotherapy in high-risk prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy: A SEER-Medicare analysis on trends, survival outcomes, and complications Kwon, Young Suk

9 2 p. 82-89
7 Open simple prostatectomy and robotic simple prostatectomy for large benign prostatic hyperplasia: Comparison of safety and efficacy Cho, Jeong Man

9 2 p. 101-106
8 Performance of Ga-68 PSMA PET/CT for diagnosis and grading of local prostate cancer Kwan, Timothy N.

9 2 p. 107-112
9 Rebiopsy rate after transperineal or transrectal prostate biopsy Marenco Jimenez, Jose L.

9 2 p. 78-81
                             9 results found
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