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1 A review of social determinants of prostate cancer risk, stage, and survival Coughlin, Steven S.

8 2 p. 49-54
2 A study on prostate movement and dosimetric variation because of bladder and rectum volumes changes during the course of image-guided radiotherapy in prostate cancer Gurjar, Om Prakash

8 2 p. 91-97
3 Impact of surgically maximized versus native membranous urethral length on 30-day and long-term pad-free continence after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy Ko, Young Hwii

8 2 p. 55-61
4 Improvement of the symptoms of lower urinary tract and sexual dysfunction with tadalafil and solifenacin after the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with dutasteride Kosilov, Kirill V.

8 2 p. 78-84
5 Increased tumor-associated macrophages in the prostate cancer microenvironment predicted patients’ survival and responses to androgen deprivation therapies in Indonesian patients cohort Yuri, Prahara

8 2 p. 62-69
6 Measurement of autophagy flux in benign prostatic hyperplasia in vitro Oh, Sung-hee

8 2 p. 70-77
7 Survival and quality of life outcomes of high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment of localized prostate cancer Royce, Peter L.

8 2 p. 85-90
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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