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1 Adverse pathology after radical prostatectomy: the prognostic role of cumulative cancer length >6-mm threshold in prostate cancer–positive biopsies Morselli, Simone

7 4 p. 143-149
2 Australian ultrasound-guided biopsy trends: a 17-year analysis of national data Gordon, Lachlan A.N.

7 4 p. 150-155
3 Initial detection of circulating tumor cells from metastatic prostate cancer patients with a novel small device Obayashi, Kotaro

7 4 p. 131-138
4 Prognostic significance of diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia in men receiving androgen-deprivation therapy for metastatic prostate cancer Hirata, Yu

7 4 p. 166-170
5 Role of surgery in oligometastatic prostate cancer Jenjitranant, Pocharapong

7 4 p. 125-130
6 The molecular targets of diclofenac differs from ibuprofen to induce apoptosis and epithelial mesenchymal transition due to alternation on oxidative stress management p53 independently in PC3 prostate cancer cells Arisan, Elif D.

7 4 p. 156-165
7 The role of prostate-specific antigen density in men with low-risk prostate cancer suitable for active surveillance: results of a prospective observational study Sebastianelli, Arcangelo

7 4 p. 139-142
                             7 gevonden resultaten
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