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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 A split target detection and tracking algorithm for ballistic missile tracking during the re-entry phase Asad, Muhammad

16 6 p. 1142-1150
2 Development of cost effective personnel armour through structural hybridization Reddy, P. Rama Subba

16 6 p. 1089-1097
3 Effect of silicon carbide and wire-mesh reinforcements in dissimilar grade aluminium explosive clad composites Saravanan, S.

16 6 p. 1160-1166
4 Effects of jute fibre content on the mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of the composites in structural applications Salman, Suhad D.

16 6 p. 1098-1105
5 Experimental research on the instability propagation characteristics of liquid kerosene rotating detonation wave Zheng, Quan

16 6 p. 1106-1115
6 Gabor-CNN for object detection based on small samples Hu, Xiao-dong

16 6 p. 1116-1129
7 IFC - Editorial Board
16 6 p. IFC
8 Integrated guidance and control of guided projectile with multiple constraints based on fuzzy adaptive and dynamic surface Jiang, Shang

16 6 p. 1130-1141
9 Responses of HFR-LWC beams under close-range blast loadings accompanying membrane action Chen, Wan-xiang

16 6 p. 1167-1187
10 Strain concentration caused by the closed end contributes to cartridge case failure at the bottom Cai, Song

16 6 p. 1151-1159
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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