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1 Australian climate extremes in the 21st century according to a regional climate model ensemble: Implications for health and agriculture Herold, N.

20 C p. 54-68
2 Early 21st century anthropogenic changes in extremely hot days as simulated by the C20C+ detection and attribution multi-model ensemble Wehner, Michael

20 C p. 1-8
3 Increase in extreme precipitation events under anthropogenic warming in India Mukherjee, Sourav

20 C p. 45-53
4 Inside Front Cover - Editorial Board Page
20 C p. IFC
5 Multi-model event attribution of the summer 2013 heat wave in Korea Kim, Yeon-Hee

20 C p. 33-44
6 Quantifying statistical uncertainty in the attribution of human influence on severe weather Paciorek, Christopher J.

20 C p. 69-80
7 Tornado seasonality in the southeastern United States Long, John A.

20 C p. 81-91
8 Upgrade of the HadGEM3-A based attribution system to high resolution and a new validation framework for probabilistic event attribution Ciavarella, Andrew

20 C p. 9-32
                             8 gevonden resultaten
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