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1 Association between arterial stiffness and fat mass in patients with obesity Tolosa-Álvarez, S.

223 3 p. 176-180
2 Doping and sports endocrinology: growth hormone, IGF-1, insulin, and erythropoietin García-Arnés, J.A.

223 3 p. 181-187
3 Effect of semaglutide on fatty liver disease biomarkers in patients with diabetes and obesity Carretero-Gómez, Juana

223 3 p. 134-143
4 Erectile dysfunction in patients with COPD. A systematic review and meta-analysis Alcalá-Rivera, N.

223 3 p. 165-175
5 Is the use of the new Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Consortium (CKD-EPI 2021) formula appropriate for the Spanish population? Escribano-Serrano, J.

223 3 p. 144-153
6 RECALMIN IV. Evolution in the activity of internal medicine units of the National Health System (2008–2021) Díez-Manglano, J.

223 3 p. 125-133
7 Remote visits for severe asthma patients after the COVID-19 pandemic: how to address the challenge? Sánchez-García, S.

223 3 p. 188-191
8 Spanish multidisciplinary consensus on the characteristics of severe asthma patients on biologic treatment who are candidates for at-home administration Cisneros-Serrano, C.

223 3 p. 154-164
                             8 results found
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