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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Acute toxicity of seven de-icing salts on four zooplankton species– is there an “eco-friendly” alternative? Szklarek, Sebastian

22 4 p. 589-597
2 An approach to discriminating water quality status based on trophic-functional diversity of periphytic protozoan communities in marine ecosystems Gui, Yuying

22 4 p. 660-669
3 A novel approach to assessing the impacts of dam construction on hydrologic and ecosystem alterations. Case study: Castril river basin, Spain Liu, Sitian

22 4 p. 598-608
4 Association of different biomarkers in vivo and in vitro to assess water quality in Ilha River, Southern Brazil Moreira, Marina Griebeler

22 4 p. 578-588
5 Contents
22 4 p. CO4
6 Effect of hydrodynamic conditions on seagrass ecosystems during Cyclone Lehar in the South Andaman Islands, India Sachithanandam, V.

22 4 p. 640-659
7 Environmental heterogeneity mediated prokaryotic community variations in marine sediments Sun, Jianxing

22 4 p. 627-639
8 Hydrological response to land use and land cover change on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountains Mangi, Halima O.

22 4 p. 609-626
9 Tracking the sub-catchment of nutrient contributors: The case of a typical mixed hilly-plain watershed in China Wang, Hua

22 4 p. 565-577
10 Trees and shrubs as components of the storage of coarse particulate organic matter and instream wood in Mediterranean intermittent streams Galia, Tomáš

22 4 p. 553-564
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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