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1 Artificial flow regime promotes abiotic and biotic gradients: Testing the concept of longitudinal zonation in an off-river reservoir Guedes, Gustavo Henrique Soares

20 2 p. 256-264
2 Bank stability and toe erosion model as a decision tool for gully bank stabilization in sub humid Ethiopian highlands Zegeye, Assefa D.

20 2 p. 301-311
3 Comparison of evapotranspiration between two alpine type wetland ecosystems in Qinghai lake basin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Cao, Shengkui

20 2 p. 215-229
4 Contents
20 2 p. CO4
5 Groundwater dynamics, land cover and salinization in the dry Chaco in Paraguay Glatzle, Albrecht

20 2 p. 175-182
6 How strong is the evidence – based on macroinvertebrate community responses – that river restoration works? Al-Zankana, Ahmed Faraj Ali

20 2 p. 196-214
7 Hydraulic redistribution driven by roots: Modeling and simulation case for the Pantanal Sallo, Fernando da Silva

20 2 p. 243-255
8 Integrated management of the Ganga River: An ecohydrological approach Singh, Rinku

20 2 p. 153-174
9 Morphometry of gullies and bioengineering for sediment retention in the Mixteca Region of Oaxaca, Mexico Lira-Caballero, Verónica Guadalupe

20 2 p. 289-300
10 Partitioning of rainfall in a seasonal dry tropical forest de Queiroz, Maria Gabriela

20 2 p. 230-242
11 Quantifying plankto-environmental interactions in a tropical river Narmada, India: An alternative model-based approach Naskar, Malay

20 2 p. 265-275
12 Selection of P-reactive materials for treatment of hypolimnetic water withdrawn from eutrophic lakes Łożyńska, Justyna

20 2 p. 276-288
13 West African reservoirs and their fisheries: An assessment of harvest potential Abobi, Seth Mensah

20 2 p. 183-195
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