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1 Bio-inspired interactive kinetic façade: Using dynamic transitory-sensitive area to improve multiple occupants’ visual comfort Hosseini, Seyed Morteza

10 4 p. 821-837
2 Explaining and evaluating the quality of “light” in religious environments and its effect on spirituality Matracchi, Pietro

10 4 p. 803-820
3 GenFloor: Interactive generative space layout system via encoded tree graphs Keshavarzi, Mohammad

10 4 p. 771-786
4 Instantaneous lighting quality within higher educational classrooms in Singapore Kong, Zhe

10 4 p. 787-802
5 Le Corbusier's urbanism: An urban characterisation of his proposals for inner cities Rodríguez-Lora, Juan-Andrés

10 4 p. 701-714
6 Lego architecture: Research on a temporary building design method for post-disaster emergency Chen, Daoyuan

10 4 p. 758-770
7 Tectonics and architectonic quality in recently published Finnish log architecture: Corresponding architects’ perceptions Lakkala, Matti

10 4 p. 741-757
8 The effect of Urban Heat Island mitigation strategies on outdoor human thermal comfort in the city of Baghdad Salman, Aws M.

10 4 p. 838-856
9 Urban traffic modeling and pattern detection using online map vendors and self-organizing maps Guo, Zifeng

10 4 p. 715-728
10 Vitality evaluation of the waterfront space in the ancient city of Suzhou Niu, Yingxiang

10 4 p. 729-740
                             10 results found
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