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1 Advances in urologic oncology “OncoForum”: The best of 2019 Gómez-Veiga, F.

44 9 p. 586-596
2 AEU positioning statement on transdermal drug administration: determinant evolution of functional urologic therapy Esteban, M.

44 9 p. 571-573
3 Design of an assistance protocol for the restart of scheduled urologic surgery in a COVID-19 epidemic period Tejido-Sánchez, A.

44 9 p. 597-603
4 Evaluation of teleconsultation system in the urological patient during the COVID-19 pandemic Leibar Tamayo, A.

44 9 p. 617-622
5 External iliac artery dissection with prosthesis replacement in renal transplantation Quintana Álvarez, R.

44 9 p. 639
6 Impact of organ confined prostate cancer treatment on quality of life Alvarez-Ossorio-Rodal, A.

44 9 p. 630-636
7 New immunotherapies for high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: Current state and future perspectives Gómez del Cañizo, C.

44 9 p. 574-585
8 Patients’ perspective on the use of telemedicine for outpatient urological visits: learning from the COVID-19 outbreak Amparore, D.

44 9 p. 637-638
9 Renal transplantation using vascular conduit reconstruction in deceased kidneys with multiple renal arteries and short renal veins Alexander, A.

44 9 p. 623-629
10 The impact of COVID-19 outbreak on urolithiasis emergency department admissions, hospitalizations and clinical management in central Italy: a multicentric analysis Antonucci, Michele

44 9 p. 611-616
11 What has changed during the state of emergency due to COVID-19 on an Academic Urology Department of a Tertiary Hospital in Portugal Bernardino, R.

44 9 p. 604-610
                             11 results found
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