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1 Analysis of the nuclear expression of pSer727-STAT3 as a prognostic factor in patients with clear cell renal carcinoma Lorente, D.

44 4 p. 245-250
2 Comparison of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of complex renal cysts by using the Bosniak classification Yenice, M.G.

44 4 p. 207-214
3 Impact of radical nephrectomy on kidney function and prognostic factors for adverse cardiovascular events Campos-Sañudo, J.A.

44 4 p. 239-244
4 Medical malpractice liability and its consequences: A survey among AEU urologists Vargas-Blasco, C.

44 4 p. 251-257
5 Mortality prediction model for patients with bladder urothelial tumor after radical cystectomy del Pozo Jiménez, G.

44 4 p. 215-223
6 Nephrogenic adenoma of the bladder. A simulator of urothelial bladder neoplasia Oviedo Ramírez, M.I.

44 4 p. 258-259
7 Quality of life and treatment persistence evaluation in Spanish patients treated with mirabegron. Results of the BELIEVE study Zubiaur Líbano, C.

44 4 p. 224-232
8 The role of clean intermittent catheterization in the treatment for detrusor underactivity Méndez-Rubio, S.

44 4 p. 233-238
                             8 results found
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