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1 Accurate Determination and Characterization of Gold Nanoparticles Based on Single Particle-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry CHAO, Jing-Bo

48 7 p. 946-954
2 Imaging of Cell Migration Mediated Exocytosis with Gold Nanoprobes XIE, Xiao-Dong

48 7 p. 847-854
3 Phenothiazine and BN-doped AIE Probes Integrated Fluorescence Sensor Array for Detection and Discrimination of Nitro Explosives CHENG, Cheng

48 7 p. e20075-e20080
4 Recent Progress on Tissue Analysis by Mass Spectrometry without Sample Pretreatment WANG, Yu-Fen

48 7 p. 827-837
5 Stimuli-responsive Polymers-based Two-dimensional Photonic Crystals Biosensors CUI, Chun-Guo

48 7 p. e20069-e20074
                             5 results found
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