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1 Changes in the Structural-Phase State and Dislocation Density of Ti49.8Ni50.2 Alloy Depending on the Isochronal Annealing Temperature after Severe Plastic Deformation by abc Pressing at 573 K Mironov, Yu. P.

27 2 p. 175-182
2 Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Properties of Titanium Aluminide Alloy Ti–Al–V–Nb–Cr–Gd Produced by Selective Electron Beam Melting Panin, P. V.

27 2 p. 163-174
3 Effect of Silver Addition on Microstructure, Phase Composition, Microhardness and Surface Oxide Layer Formation of Al0.5CoCrCu0.5FeNi and Al0.5CoCrCuFeNi High-Entropy Alloys Samoilova, O. V.

27 2 p. 183-196
4 Methods of Accounting for Temperature and Strain Rate Variation in Multilevel Constitutive Models of Metal Deformation (Analytical Review) Shveykin, A. I.

27 2 p. 133-151
5 Structure and Vibrations of Free Nin Clusters (n ≤ 20) Borisova, S. D.

27 2 p. 197-204
6 Structure, Martensitic Transformations, and Mechanical Properties of Aging Nanocrystalline Ti–50.9 at % Ni Alloy Poletika, T. M.

27 2 p. 152-162
7 Temperature Dependence of the Deformation Behavior of High-Entropy Alloys Co20Cr20Fe20Mn20Ni20, Co19Cr20Fe20Mn20Ni20С1, and Co17Cr20Fe20Mn20Ni20С3. Mechanical Properties and Temperature Dependence of Yield Stress Astafurova, E. G.

27 2 p. 113-123
8 Thermal Conductivity, Rheology and Electrical Conductivity of Water- and Ethylene Glycol-Based Nanofluids with Copper and Aluminum Particles Rudyak, V. Ya.

27 2 p. 205-216
9 The Use of Hard and Soft Sphere Models for the Evaluation of Lattice Distortion in B2 High-Entropy Shape Memory Alloys Resnina, N. N.

27 2 p. 124-132
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