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1 Combination Effect of Transition Metal Impurities on Oxygen Vacancy Formation Energetics in TiO2 Bakulin, A. V.

27 1 p. 57-68
2 Creep Resistance and Structure of 10% Cr–3% Сo–2% W–0.29% Cu–0.17% Re Steel with Low Nitrogen and High Boron Contents for Unit Components of Coal Power Plants Fedoseeva, A.

27 1 p. 88-101
3 Development of an Energy-Based Experimental Method for Estimation of Fatigue Crack Evolution in Titanium Alloys Iziumova, A. Yu.

27 1 p. 41-48
4 Dislocation Structure in a Strain Localization Band Formed in Normalized 09G2S Steel under Tension Farber, V. M.

27 1 p. 34-40
5 Effect of Preliminary Ball Milling of Nanomodifiers on Their Efficiency in Laser Surface Treatment of Titanium Chesnokov, A. E.

27 1 p. 79-87
6 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Mesoscale Deformation-Induced Surface Roughening in Polycrystalline Metals and Alloys (Review) Emelianova, E. S.

27 1 p. 16-33
7 Localized Plasticity Pattern at the Prefracture Stage: Origin and Development Zuev, L. B.

27 1 p. 49-56
8 Mechanical Properties of Sintered Al–Sn–Fe Alloys Rusin, N. M.

27 1 p. 69-78
9 Meso–Macro Energy Exchange in Shock-Wave Processes and Dynamic Strength of AB2 Steel Meshcheryakov, Yu. I.

27 1 p. 102-112
10 Structural-Phase State and Mechanical Properties of a Laser Cladding Titanium Matrix Composite Based on Ti64 Alloy and TiB2 Ceramics Fomin, V. M.

27 1 p. 1-15
                             10 results found
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