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1 Can Ulcerative Dermal Necrosis (UDN) in Atlantic salmon be attributed to ultraviolet radiation and secondary Saprolegnia parasitica infections? Henard, Cyril

40 C p. 70-75
2 Current practices and emerging possibilities for reducing the spread of oomycete pathogens in terrestrial and aquatic production systems in the European Union Benavent-Celma, Clara

40 C p. 19-36
3 Editorial Board
40 C p. ii
4 Leishmanicidal activity of fungal bioproducts: A systematic review dos Santos Varjão, Márcio Thomaz

40 C p. 91-113
5 LysM proteins in mammalian fungal pathogens Oguiza, José A.

40 C p. 114-122
6 Pathogenicity of animal and plant parasitic Aphanomyces spp and their economic impact on aquaculture and agriculture Becking, Thomas

40 C p. 1-18
7 The hunt for sustainable biocontrol of oomycete plant pathogens, a case study of Phytophthora infestans Hashemi, Maryam

40 C p. 53-69
8 The use of mutant and engineered microbial agents for biological control of plant diseases caused by Pythium: Achievements versus challenges Chen, Siqiao

40 C p. 76-90
9 Transformation systems, gene silencing and gene editing technologies in oomycetes Ghimire, Bikal

40 C p. 37-52
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