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1 COVID-19 infection and body weight: A deleterious liaison in a J-curve relationship Manolis, Antonis S.

15 6 p. 523-535
2 Early-onset severe obesity due to homozygous p.R105W (c313C> T) mutation in leptin gene in Turkish siblings: Two cases reports Fırat, Sevde Nur

15 6 p. 600-603
3 Effectiveness to promote weight loss maintenance and healthy lifestyle habits of a group educational intervention program in adults with obesity: IGOBE program Porca, Cristina

15 6 p. 570-578
4 Impact of maternal pre-pregnancy body mass index on maternal, fetal and neonatal adverse outcomes in the worldwide populations: A systematic review and meta-analysis Vats, Harsh

15 6 p. 536-545
5 Metabolically healthy overweight/obesity and cancer risk: A representative cohort study in Taiwan Lin, Chien-Ju

15 6 p. 564-569
6 Natural histories of metabolite BMI phenotypes and their impacts on cardiovascular disease risk over a decade-long follow-up Wang, Yaqin

15 6 p. 579-586
7 Plasma amino acid profile, a biomarker for visceral adipose tissue that can substitute for waist circumference in Japanese Americans Tran, Anh M.

15 6 p. 557-563
8 Relationship between obesity and school absenteeism in Australian children: Implications for carer productivity Carrello, Joseph

15 6 p. 587-592
9 The relationship between visceral adiposity and cardiometabolic risk in Chinese women with polycystic ovary syndrome Ng, N.Y.H.

15 6 p. 593-599
10 Visceral adiposity index is positively associated with blood pressure: A systematic review Leite, Nathália Nogueira

15 6 p. 546-556
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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