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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Combining dynamic programming with filtering to solve a four-stage two-dimensional guillotine-cut bounded knapsack problem Clautiaux, François

29 C p. 18-44
2 Complete formulations of polytopes related to extensions of assignment matrices Ben-Ameur, Walid

29 C p. 133-147
3 Editorial Board
29 C p. ii
4 From the separation to the intersection sub-problem in Benders decomposition models with prohibitively-many constraints Porumbel, Daniel

29 C p. 148-173
5 Pareto optimal matchings of students to courses in the presence of prerequisites Cechlárová, Katarína

29 C p. 174-195
6 Staircase compatibility and its applications in scheduling and piecewise linearization Bärmann, Andreas

29 C p. 111-132
7 The computational complexity of dominating set problems for instances with bounded minors of constraint matrices Malyshev, D.S.

29 C p. 103-110
8 The skiving stock problem and its relation to hypergraph matchings Martinovic, J.

29 C p. 77-102
9 Upgrading the 1-center problem with edge length variables on a tree Sepasian, Ali Reza

29 C p. 1-17
10 Upper bound on 3-rainbow domination in graphs with minimum degree 2 Furuya, Michitaka

29 C p. 45-76
                             10 gevonden resultaten
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