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1 A fuzzy optimization approach to the capacitated node-routing problem for municipal solid waste collection with multiple tours: A case study Aliahmadi, Seyed Zeinab

38 3 p. 279-290
2 Biohydrometallurgy as an environmentally friendly approach in metals recovery from electrical waste: A review Habibi, Alireza

38 3 p. 232-244
3 Challenges for Sustainable Development of Waste to Energy in Developing Countries Yan, Mi

38 3 p. 229-231
4 Comparative study on the pyrolysis kinetics of polyurethane foam from waste refrigerators Yao, Zhitong

38 3 p. 271-278
5 Development of recycled blends based on cables and wires with plastic cabinets: An effective solution for value addition of hazardous waste plastics Jaidev, K

38 3 p. 312-321
6 Influence of the partial substitution of fine aggregate by granite powder in mortar on the process of natural carbonation da Silva, Júlio Lopes

38 3 p. 254-262
7 Insights into organic waste management practices followed by dairy farmers of Ludhiana District, Punjab: Policy challenges and solutions Singh, Amandeep

38 3 p. 291-299
8 Landfill site selection in Makkah using geographic information system and analytical hierarchy process Osra, Faisal A

38 3 p. 245-253
9 Lead recovery from spent lead acid battery paste by hydrometallurgical conversion and thermal degradation Liu, Wenke

38 3 p. 263-270
10 Optimisation of biomass catalytic depolymerisation conditions by using response surface methodology Ünsal, Mehmet

38 3 p. 322-331
11 Sustainable municipal solid waste disposal supply chain analysis under price-sensitive demand: A game theory approach Ghalehkhondabi, Iman

38 3 p. 300-311
12 Thanks to Reviewers 2019
38 3 p. 332-341
                             12 results found
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