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1 Childhood disadvantage and adolescent socioemotional wellbeing as predictors of future parenting behaviour McAnally, H.M.

86 C p. 90-100
2 Completed secondary education among youth with prenatal substance exposure: A longitudinal register-based matched cohort study Nissinen, Niina-Maria

86 C p. 15-27
3 Developing an inclusive Safe Dates program for sexual and gender minority adolescents: A pilot study Wesche, Rose

86 C p. 11-14
4 Do gifts of roses have a lingering fragrance? Evidence from altruistic interventions into adolescents’ subjective well-being Lu, Caixia

86 C p. 54-63
5 Emotion regulation and support from others: Buffering of body dysmorphic symptoms in adolescent and young adult men but not women Gardner, Alex A.

86 C p. 1-10
6 Gender disparities in fear of failure among 15-year-old students: The role of gender inequality, the organisation of schooling and economic conditions Borgonovi, Francesca

86 C p. 28-39
7 Growth and socio-economic status, influence on the age at menarche in school going girls Karim, Asima

86 C p. 40-53
8 School burnout and psychosocial problems among adolescents: Grit as a resilience factor Tang, Xin

86 C p. 77-89
9 The student mental health crisis: Assessing psychiatric and developmental explanatory models Andersen, Robert

86 C p. 101-114
10 Trajectory of problematic internet use across the college years: The role of peer internet overuse behavior and peer attitude toward internet overuse Jia, Jichao

86 C p. 64-76
                             10 results found
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