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1 Editorial board members
764 C p. iii
2 Error-free DNA-damage tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Xu, Xin

764 C p. 43-50
3 Functional genomic screening approaches in mechanistic toxicology and potential future applications of CRISPR-Cas9 Shen, Hua

764 C p. 31-42
4 Genome-based, mechanism-driven computational modeling of risks of ionizing radiation: The next frontier in genetic risk estimation? Sankaranarayanan, K.

764 C p. 1-15
5 G-quadruplexes: A possible epigenetic target for nutrition François, Maxime

764 C p. 101-107
6 How do changes in the mtDNA and mitochondrial dysfunction influence cancer and cancer therapy? Challenges, opportunities and models van Gisbergen, M.W.

764 C p. 16-30
7 Low-dose ionising radiation and cardiovascular diseases – Strategies for molecular epidemiological studies in Europe Kreuzer, Michaela

764 C p. 90-100
8 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): A review of genetic damage investigations Vijayalaxmi,

764 C p. 51-63
9 Neurotoxicity may be an overlooked consequence of benzo[a]pyrene exposure that is relevant to human health risk assessment Chepelev, Nikolai L.

764 C p. 64-89
10 Protection of the genome and central protein-coding sequences by non-coding DNA against DNA damage from radiation Qiu, Guo-Hua

764 C p. 108-117
                             10 results found
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