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1 DNA methylation and mutator genes in Escherichia coli K-12 Marinus, Martin G.

705 2 p. 71-76
2 Editorial Board Members
705 2 p. iii
3 Epigenetics and chemical safety assessment LeBaron, Matthew J.

705 2 p. 83-95
4 Genetics of pigmentation in skin cancer — A review Scherer, Dominique

705 2 p. 141-153
5 Phenotyping for DNA repair capacity Decordier, Ilse

705 2 p. 107-129
6 Pooled analysis of studies on DNA adducts and dietary vitamins Ragin, Camille

705 2 p. 77-82
7 Somatic gene mutation and human disease other than cancer: An update Erickson, Robert P.

705 2 p. 96-106
8 The relevance of the individual genetic background for the toxicokinetics of two significant neurodevelopmental toxicants: Mercury and lead Gundacker, Claudia

705 2 p. 130-140
9 Urinary 2/16 estrogen metabolite ratio levels in healthy women: A review of the literature Dallal, Cher

705 2 p. 154-162
                             9 results found
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