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nr titel auteur tijdschrift jaar jaarg. afl. pagina('s) type
1 Biological sample collection and processing for molecular epidemiological studies Holland, Nina T

543 3 p. 217-234
2 β-Carotene: a cancer chemopreventive agent or a co-carcinogen? Paolini, Moreno

543 3 p. 195-200
3 Contents of Volume
543 3 p. 273-274
4 Genotoxicity of pesticides: a review of human biomonitoring studies Bolognesi, Claudia

543 3 p. 251-272
5 How many high production chemicals are rodent carcinogens? Why should we care? What do we need to do about it? Johnson, F.M.

543 3 p. 201-215
6 IFC: Editorial Board
543 3 p. IFC
7 Illusions of safety: antimutagens can be mutagens, and anticarcinogens can be carcinogens Zeiger, Errol

543 3 p. 191-194
8 Pitfalls of enzyme-based molecular anticancer dietary manipulations: food for thought Paolini, Moreno

543 3 p. 181-189
9 The evolution of cell death programs as prerequisites of multicellularity Huettenbrenner, Simone

543 3 p. 235-249
                             9 gevonden resultaten
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